Death toll rises to 107 in Italy, affected over 3 thousand

Corona virus (Covid-1) is increasing in Italy by the day. Until the last news, six of the country’s citizens died from the attack. The number of victims has increased to 6,900. Researchers and researchers estimate that the number of deaths and deaths in the country may increase. The Italian Civil Security Agency said on Wednesday that the information. The country’s Ministry of Health has said that so far 28 people infected with Coronavirus have returned to their homes after recovering from medical treatment. Meanwhile, the Italian government has taken several measures to prevent Covid-1.

All schools, colleges and universities in the country have been declared closed from Thursday to Sunday. In addition, football tournaments, nightclubs and museums are closed. If necessary, the country’s Ministry of Health has instructed the public to avoid public places and travel. It was also instructed that all public areas be within one meter of each other. Although none of the Bangladeshi expatriates in Italy received reports of the disease, they were terrified of various rumors and horrors. Last Monday, an HIV-positive Bengali was born in Milan after a sudden rumor spread among the Bangladeshi community in Italy. As a result, panic is spreading at the moment. When asked if any immigrant from Bangladesh to Italy is infected with Corona virus, the Italian embassy said that the Bangladeshi Corona virus has not been reported yet. The embassy was in constant contact with the Italian Ministry of Health. The help desk was opened at the Embassy of Rome.

Coroner died 1 day after leaving the hospital

Expatriates in Bangladesh were asked to call 9 and 12 if they were infected with the Coronavirus. In addition, the embassy of Bangladesh urged Bangladeshi expatriates to be vigilant against not panic. It is reported that there are about 2 lakh from Bangladesh living in different cities of Italy. The death toll in the United States has risen to 12 in the deadly Corona virus infection. To date, the number of people infected with the virus has been reduced by 150. The death of the Manhattan lawyer was reported on Wednesday. He also mentioned that his wife and children are infected with the Corona virus. The Manhattan authorities released the information on Thursday in a statement. Additionally, reports from Washington State said that four people have died there. In California, 3 people died on Wednesday.

The US Department of the Interior said the number of people in Texas and Nebraska has increased in the county. The White House said in a statement that the Corona virus detection system had been strengthened throughout the United States. An emergency health alert was issued in Los Angeles after receiving reports of six people who had been attacked. An emergency was also issued in California, Florida. In China, a patient with coronavirus died and died just five days after leaving hospital. According to local media, British media reported Thursday. The 6-year-old man from Wuhan County, Hubei Province, source of the Corona virus, was hospitalized for the virus. At the end of the treatment, he received a license certificate. However, he died five days after leaving the hospital.

The coronavirus confirmed that the person had died. In early December, the first corona virus was discovered in Wuhan, China. Since then it has spread to more than half of the country. To date, more than 3,000 people in the world are infected with the virus; among them, the number of victims in China is more than 3000. More than 4000 people have died. The deadly coronavirus has been found in the dog’s body this time. A dog with the virus was infected with a Covid-1 dog. This may be the first case of coronavirus infection from the human body to the animal’s body. Last Friday, a Hong Kong resident confirmed that the dog was infected with the Coruna virus, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Coronavirus on the dog’s body

The American media, CNN, reported that the dog was tested several times last Friday by a Pomeranian breed. Later, a slight outbreak of corona virus was found in the dog’s body. It is believed that the virus entered the dog’s body through the nose and mouth. For a more detailed examination, the domesticated dog was referred to the ICD’s Hong Kong isolation department. “Corona virus has been detected in dogs, and it will now be placed in a special place in the Ministry of Agriculture,” said Chinese Special Health Minister Sofia Chan Siuqi. Experts note that the dog suffers from corona virus. Experts agree that the risk of contracting this virus is very low. This is the first case of coronavirus infection in a dog’s body with a human body. Another dog was tested with this dog. Although the report came out negative. However, the dog has also remained isolated. Saudi Arabia has identified another person who is suffering from the Corona virus.

The country’s Ministry of Health announced this on Wednesday. Saudi media reported that a coronavirus patient was a Saudi who had recently arrived from Iran via Bahrain. However, the Saudi citizen did not reveal the news of the country he returned to. According to official figures, more than 12 people have died from the Corona virus in Iran. Earlier on Monday, the first person to be infected with the Corona virus was identified in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi citizen was present with him at that time. The ministry said that the person suffering from the Corona virus was quarantined in the hospital. In addition to the health of those who contacted him after his return to Saudi Arabia, his health condition was tested. The ministry also asked Saudi citizens to call 5 if they have any questions about the virus. Meanwhile, Ministry of Health spokesperson Mohamed Al-Abdullah Abdel-Ali urged citizens in the country not to be concerned about the Corona virus.

He said that the Ministry of Health aims to prevent coronavirus. If someone is infected with the Coronavirus, their condition and details will be conveyed to the general public with complete transparency when they receive the news. A spokesman for the Ministry of Health said that a quarantine cell had been established throughout the country to combat the Corona virus and its effects. The person responsible for testing the Corona virus was infected with the virus. The coronavirus was identified in the body of a health worker at Los Angeles International Airport in California, United States, last Sunday. Los Angeles News reported on Fox XI that on February 27, the man began seeing symptoms of the Coronavirus, such as cold sores. He went to the doctor on Sunday the next day.

The doctor confirmed that the disease associated with corona virus was diagnosed with Covid-1 after the examination. The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said the victim, who was last seen on February 20 at the airport, verified the passengers’ health. Later, on February 27, he had symptoms of the Corona virus. The man and his family are currently in quarantine. He was responsible for checking passenger aircraft in China. Experts believe that the health worker was attacked by a passenger from China. But in the meantime, questions about the safety of health workers began. The US administration says that the safety of health workers is being taken more seriously.

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