Breathless match, Bangladesh win the series

Tiripano reminds us of the cricket tradition. The centennial game is shrouded in mystery. Zimbabwe lost the match in the Bangladesh race. There may be regrets. Who would know what would have happened if Craig Irvine was on the team on Tuesday! Bangladesh won the game five games. But there is not a lot of satisfaction. The profession of supervisor has acquired a new dimension this fall.

Our game with Zimbabwe means “Harley scandal, victory was supposed to happen.” Whatever the result, Bangladesh will not be praised in any way. Bangladesh will not win the match after a century Tamim Iqbal! What happened? Bangladesh also confirmed a series in the second match at Sylhet. Bangladesh was not lost today with a record of 3 and 4,000 races. Zimbabwe makes life difficult at the end of this game. Terribano and Mutumbadji fought a battle. They sweat admin. Zimbabwe took 25 games to win. In the end, Monday’s association was 5 (5 balls). Mutum (1) poisoned per second in the past about Zimbabwe.

Bangladesh will only play ODI in Karachi on April 7. There is also a second test match. The fact that winning the series against Zimbabwe in this series will only give you a sense of relief. Mashfaq will not go to Pakistan. That’s why coach Domingo wants to understand the team by sitting with his refiner in the third ODI match against Zimbabwe. Verify the Pakistani ODI team form.

The biggest threat is the coronavirus. Karachi schools and colleges are now closed. Karaoke was killed for fear of infection with the virus. In such a catastrophe, the cricket of Bangladesh will go, fearful that the Coron virus is either Euro and the Tokyo Olympic Games in football. With this victory in Zimbabwe, the honorable profession was achieved. It was reported that this is Musharraf’s latest series as a leader.

Wesley Madhevir was afraid. Tazul also returned it to LBW. He also scored 42 runs. Zimbabwe lost 5 wickets for 5 runs (5.2 overs). The king of Iskandar was fighting alone. Isolated expelled Mutombumi again. And this time LBW. Zimbabwe lost 5 victories in 20 sums and tourists do not expect to win. At that time, she needed 3 runs of 5 balls. This was the highest rate in Bangladesh against Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe lost three races in its first ODI to hunt over 300 races. Bangladesh won the game with the highest score. Zimbabwe could not play like this in the next game. Chakava (2) and Brendan Taylor (3) scored 3 runs against Mehdi Hassan. There was a lot of pressure on team captain Sean Williams. He returned with a super cool hand to hit the wicket on the super cool Mahdi Mirage. However, Tinashe had control over the opening of Zimbabwe.

The leg before the wicket was back down Taijul’s back. When Zimbabwe lost 5 wins for 12 races, they were 26.5 sums. Tamim Iqbal chose a century after about 6 months and 5 days. This was the twelfth century in his career. The last one was on July 28, 2020. West India was the discount service. Tamim was the top scorer in a round. This time he scored 4 runs. This is the second against Zimbabwe. In addition, Tamim (7) touched the 7000 mark as the first in Bangladesh. Tamim (1) also marked progress against Zimbabwe as an official in Bangladesh. The goal of 120 races is no less. Mashfaq and Mahmoud fought against God. But Methon 8 Balls 42 helped Bangladesh a lot. Bangladesh has reached 122 races. Mumba and Teribano from Zimbabwe take two servings each. 

Tamim was under pressure at the opening. He was kicked out by 20 in the previous game. I used to hit the ball more than the race. Bangladesh saw all the coats again. He was hitting hard in the power game. He rejected all criticism. However, he and Layton were playing well. Tamim’s bullet punches the seal across from the leg in the shooter’s hand. Layton was off the barn. Layton returned to the fold for 5 runs. Santa could not get tickets on that day. He has been exhausted and returned to 5 races. Your liquidator and Tamim scored the third wicket triple spot. Clapper returned for 5 races.

Clapper may be at rest in the third ODI. Tamim tickets do that great. Tamim’s game with Mahmoud God came in 5 races. Mahmoud Allah returned for 5 races. Swiping exhibition in Bangladesh is good. But Tamim Iqbal took everything. Needless to say, the Domingo coach was amazing. Break the winning group. In the first ODI, Bangladesh won 3-1. Of course, the next game was supposed to be the eleventh. However, coach Mostafa Seif El-Din and Seif El-Din were not placed in the second ODI. Shafiq al-Islam and Al-Amin Hussain came to replace the two. Zimbabwe’s eleven changes. Sean Williams returns to the team. However, Irvin did not have an eleventh opportunity because he was not in good health. Bangladesh won a tie and decided to hit. Musharraf was completely confident.

Tamim stuck in his own trap

In the previous game, Layton Das Horn scored. Bangladesh scored 121 runs in the first game. Yesterday, it appeared again that Musharraf’s decision was correct. Bangladesh took 122 races this time and put Zimbabwe under pressure. Everyone knew Tamim Iqbal as a hitter. From the start of the game, he had a special talent for riding a bowler. At 22 yards, Tamim’s devastating figure was never seen. Frequency loss due to the importance of your wicket. “Boomboom” is now next to the name “Dotdot” Takma! Tamim changed gameplay for a long time. He succeeded in starting the bat by reducing the shot and being careful. But the reason he’s not got this entry in his racket recently is the reason. It is not clear how much the left mixture feels the need to get out of here.

The attacker is decreasing day by day. Tamim scored 20 assists in the first ODI of the series against Zimbabwe in Sylhet. On the other hand, Leighton Das played very well. He scored 122 exercises on 122 strikes. The multiplication method of the first two was different. Tamim’s approach is clearer in that. In the 120-team squad, the Bangladesh Strike Tamim team went to the squad, with an attack rate of 6.5. However, beating coach Neil Mackenzie does not lose confidence. But he also feels that Tamim needs more restrictions from the start. McKinsey had to say a lot about Tamim to reporters ’questions at Sylhet International Stadium before the start of the second ODI. The coach said that Tamim had not received instructions from the team’s management of the game. Tamim or himself has created a tendency to play: ‘Tamim knows what to do. Doing so (paper repair) may cause opposite damage. You have spoken between us. We feel that two borders should be killed.

You will also understand what the game style will be. Nobody will defeat Tamim. He has to play his game. “It doesn’t matter if you run fast or slow. We know how much you need for your performance team. He’s done it before. We know what you can do. I’ve seen him make a great century in last year’s BPL Championship final,” added Protei coach. , Who worked hard in the beating and foot position in the net before the game today. He said, “He knows his plan. We are not teachers in schools. We will not tell anyone what he is learning and what he is doing.” “We will give you advice on ideas, ideas and technical problems. The rest is related to the specific player. We are not talking about a young man, we are talking about a big player.

Trust me, he or she will know in front of you or I, if he made a mistake, made a lot of pressure on himself, he estimated His gate a lot, and he succeeded in doing this before, with some restrictions, this will not be the case for Tamim to do the opposite, as he is responsible for removing the entrances from Bangladesh No one can match the reason for his accustomed to playing bowling like Zimbabwe, the team fell into His own trap, and changing the game style can solve the problem, and once again can Tamim escape M. Track n, Probability, and that’s it from today.

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