The last match as captain, Mashrafe announced

Finally, Musharraf bin Murtada announced. He stated that he is no longer a leader. The third ODI will be the last game against Zimbabwe at Sylhet International Cricket Stadium on Friday. The rumors were already there. But nothing is clear. Because Musharraf did not tell himself, the council did not say with confidence that this series would be the end of Captain Musharraf. This time the announcement came from the honorable mouth. “The third ODI will be my last match against Zimbabwe as a leader,” Musharraf told reporters at the press conference.

A series against Zimbabwe before the start of the uncertainty series is an honorable future. However, President Nazmul Hassan Baban appeared in BCB before the team announced the series, saying that Zimbabwe as a leader was the end of the Mashrafe series. But after the BCB chief announced, the rumors continued. Is Musharraf really the leader of the series? Or the captain will be for a few more days. For some reason, it was understood that BCB could have maintained Musharraf as a leader for another time. In addition, Musharraf was asked about the subject before the ODI series against Zimbabwe in Sylhet.

Musharraf said then a decision from the dashboard. It is not intellectual. However, everyone expects, will there be any announcements before the last match against Zimbabwe? The Mashrafe press conference became very important at the press conference at the Sylhet International Stadium adjacent to the Lakatura Tea Garden. Musharraf attended the press conference and announced when he announced his last game as a leader, before talking to the head of the BCB team, Hassan Baboon. Speaking to the President of BCB, he entered the press conference hall.

Before entering the press conference hall, a supervisor was seen standing in the middle of the gate and speaking to coach Russell Domingo. About 3-5 minutes. He believed that for the right reasons, he could have announced that he would resign as captain after speaking to the coach. But Musharraf made it clear that there was no discussion with the coach about retirement or leadership. “I have decided to retire, and he is talking to the head of the British bank,” Musharraf said when he spoke to the head of the British central bank. He said: “Before taking the team bus, I spoke to Dad’s brother over the phone from the hotel.

I think it is the captain’s responsibility that always determines the meeting and the board gave me the captain’s responsibility. Then I decided to give up the captain’s position and talk to the chairman and tell him first.” After sitting on the chair of the press conference hall, Musharraf said to himself, “Thank you all. I want to say something. Tomorrow is my last game. As captain. Thank you for the Bangladesh Cricket Team for trusting me for a long time, thank you for the players who played with me, and I’m sure From the fact that the first half has not been so easy, during the past 3-5 years, I thank the management of the team that I played with, and they all helped me a lot. ” Referring to the captain’s beginning, he said: “My captain started with Chandika Hathrosinghi.

Mushfiq dropped in the last ODI

Even before that, but because of an injury he was unable to do. Khaled Mahmoud Suzan and Steve Rhodes and (Russell) Sunday … And everyone on board, thanks to the co-founder, everyone in the media, and everyone’s cooperation Thank you Finally, supporters, who are the spirit of cricket in Bangladesh, would not have been possible without support (get here). As a leader… As a player, I will do my best if the opportunity presents itself. Good luck to the next leader. ” Mashfaq Raheem will not be seen in the eleventh in the third and final match, as the ODI series against Zimbabwe was confirmed on Tuesday.

The Bangladesh team decided to lead ODI 11th only in Pakistan, which would be the last game in the local series in Sylhet. Mossafak did not agree to go to Pakistan in the last stage of the three-point round. For this reason, the third ODI against Zimbabwe will not be considered. Chief coach Manjul Abdeen Nano told the team management decision during the second half period that “we sit with the management team and think, because we have a day in Pakistan, if the chain becomes with Zimbabwe at 2-1 today, then in the third game. We are thinking about playing against the team that He will play in Pakistan. “Zimbabwe Ends Tun BCB Series Announcing President.

Zimbabwe and Pakistan may not be the eleventh party if the new leader replaces Musharraf bin Murtada. However, Musharraf stated that he would accept going to any country if BCB wanted. When he was reminded of this, the selection head said: “We are not sitting with the Pakistani series. Musharraf cannot go away, the decision has been taken.” One fell out of 5. As such, we think of alternatives, because there is also a test. Musharraf has not discussed yet. This will be the end of the series. To be honest, the board’s decision is an honorable one. the decision. Special case. In this series and captain. The pity does not go, that’s why I only thought about pity. BCB does not want a pitfall in the second ODI on Tuesday. He threatened to leave, so he agreed to go to Pakistan. The selectors, however, denied this when the news of the omission spread on Monday night, forcing the team’s supervisor to make a match. Moshe did not feel bad pressure. He scored 5 runs of 8 balls.

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