Basundhara Kings Football Club comfort win

Bakhtiyar Doshkov, I conclude Nazarov, plays with powerful footballers like Nicholas Delmont. There are football players such as Tawhid Alam Al-Green, Pueblo Ahmed, Yamin Khan and Tabu Barman. But the success of the Bashundhara kings depends to a large extent on the performance of Costa Rican football star Daniel Cullendres. When the World Cup star strikes the ball, an attack or a sharp target can be made.

The first title of this season was successfully won by the Etihad Cup team. But the hero of the Bashundhara victory was Kollendris. In the Costa Rica soccer player final, Rahmatjan lost the old Dhaka team. Bashendhara Kings played against the opponents of the Federation Cup final in the Professional League yesterday. He won 2-1 in the same period. The current league champion must fight to win 3 points. Like the Federation Cup, Colindres was the direct and indirect champion of the Kings’ victory yesterday. scored a goal. But he was cultivating the entire field as a leader.

Kyrgyzstan midfielder Bakhtiyar Doshkov is another goal of the kings. Pashundhara Kings won the first Federation Cup this season, collecting 5 points in this match. Rahmatjan lives in Tolani with three points in the fourth match, with a bitter taste. From first to last minute, the battle was equal in attack. Mamadou Boo invaded Ramatjang, Tarayev Akober, upset over and over again by Yassin, Tabu, Viswanath, and Delmana the Kings. Goalkeeper Anisur Rahman Zico has been tested again and again. Despite winning the game, kings must sweat. The current Champions of the League will spend 5 minutes before the match. But the runners-up in the Federation Cup attacked first. In the first minute, goalkeeper Zico returned to the head of the old Dhaka team striker, Akober. In the fourth minute, the kings defeated Cullendres.

In the downsizing of midfielder Mohamed Ibrahim, the Costa Rica striker scored in the World Cup Collinders 3-0. Gilani’s pupils chased Oscar Prozon’s pupils by playing a goal. 20 minutes to equalize in the attack. Mahmoud Hassan Kiran took the shot when he entered the defense box into the ball from midfield. Goalkeeper King Zico stopped. But the party was not in danger. Akobir raised the score to 1-3 with a cooling head. After equality came, the Brussels pupils increased the course of the attack. The Federation Cup champion took 2-1 in 5 minutes. A Kyrgyz midfielder picked shots from a long angle with a shot from a wide Pibor pass. The flute breaks after the target. In the second half, two soccer teams play on a draw. But the goal was not to determine the goalkeeper of the two teams.

Revenge of Abahani Football Club

Ramatjang’s goalkeeper, Russell Mahmoud, was unable to beat Leighton despite a 20-yard free kick in two minutes. Colindress took an incredible bike in 5 minutes. Bashundharahara Kings survived in the last 12 minutes. Zico somehow saved Sajid Rahman’s shot from the small box. In return, Akane took the head. The two goalkeepers defended the goal line. Leave the Kings Hove alive. Rahmatjan fell into despair. The champion of the Pashundhara kings leaves with a victory. Muhammadan returns to his old white and black shirt to change his fate. In the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s the traditional team played soccer after the black and white shirt in the box. Thousands of stories of this Motijheel Paragraph Club in Jersey, and hundreds of successes. But today everything is memories.

The club is desperate to recover those memories. However, when returning to Old Jersey to return to luck this season, fate is no longer. Instead, he loses his clutter. The traditional club felt filth in the flashlights yesterday in front of its rival Abhani. Abahani, a successful club in Bangladesh, gave a bitter taste of shame to his competitors while playing dynamic soccer. Abhani is at the top of the points table with a record 5-1 wins. Meanwhile, Akashi Yellow Camp retaliated against Mohamed 4-1 in his last game of the season. However, Mohamed beat Abhani 3-1 in 5 goals. Abhani won 3-2 with 3 goals. Abahani’s point in this match is 3 in 3 games. Bashandihar Kings Point 1. The Muhammadiyah Point 1. The spectators are not interested in meeting football for the two popular teams. No previous app.

However, viewers were interested in tomorrow’s game. Although thousands appear in this area. Yesterday 4 of 5 goals were scored in the first half. Carvins Balfour scored the first goal in 5 minutes. The Haitian striker Balfour beat the Mamounol Corner 5-0. Bernard Bernhardt of Kyrgyzstan scored 1-2 in the first minute. Barnhart dropped Belfort’s cross-book from the far left to a 2-1 win at Volley. Balfour scored 5-7 in 5 minutes. The first half ended with a 5-1 goal. Abahani’s captain Nawaz Jeevan Jivan won the match 3-1 in 5 minutes.

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