Do not leave behind a job and run a business with debt

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged young people to start small businesses with training and loans, not just jobs. He said that small loans are granted free of charge through the Employment Bank. After passing, start a small business with a loan without leaving a job. This was stated by the Chief Guest at the opening of the “National Exhibition of Small and Medium Products for 2020” at the farmers’ institute in the capital on Wednesday.

The government also urged more entrepreneurs to participate in this sector, and asked small business leaders to diversify their products through research. Regarding the initiative to reduce the interest rate on debts, Sheikh Hasina said: “The interest rate on debts is very high. We have taken an initiative to reduce this interest rate.” We are trying to reduce the odd numbers. So our entrepreneurs can easily invest in debt. Stressing the need to develop skills through education and training, the Prime Minister said that everyone wants skilled workers in the country and abroad.

I took the initiative to create that skilled workforce. Meanwhile, I organized training and structured education. We want the people of our country to grow. So that none of us thinks it is a country of cheap labor. We need to create skilled workers. We have taken this action. Stressing the importance of technology education, the Prime Minister said that the use of technology is increasing. The fourth industrial revolution now comes from a labor-intensive industry. There is also talk of the use of skilled workers. We pay special attention to that. Sheikha Hasina urged to conduct research in all areas, including product production, marketing and marketing of new markets, and he said that this area also needs research. Research is also necessary individually. Through research, we can guarantee product demand, production and marketing. We will do that. He directed SME to give importance to the research, and said that SME would take the lead in this regard. Create your own market.

You have to find new markets. Where we can find new markets, we must take the lead to produce these products to discover products that are in great need in a country. Stressing the importance of maintaining seasonal differences in fashion design and product production, the Prime Minister said that many of the products produced in the SME sector in Bangladesh are world-class. Also associated with our cultural heritage. The Prime Minister also gave some instructions to develop the SME sector, adding that in the developed world, as well as in traditional products, the consumer must focus on producing export-oriented products. SMEs will be required to produce complementary products for heavy industry using original raw materials.

The governor advised to pay the debt to overcome the fear

The Sunil economy must be developed by the SME industry. Minister of Industry Noor al-Majid Mahmoud Humayun headed the job. Amir Hussein Amo, Chairman of the Permanent Parliamentary Committee of the Ministry of Industry, spoke. On this occasion, the Prime Minister presented certificates and awards to the best SME owners in various categories. Six SMEs from all over the country participated in the exhibition. The Bank of Bangladesh Governor, a big favor, advised state banks to provide loans to consumers to overcome fear of the scandal. He said that after the Hallmark incident, there was a lot of suspicion and fear of lending to government bank officials, including Sonali Bank. I shouldn’t be that at all. This suggestion was made at a position organized at the annual conference of Sonali Limited-2020 at the Punjabandhu International Convention Center in the capital yesterday. Finance Minister Ahmed Mustafa was the main guest at the conference.

The CEO (CEO) and the general manager of the bank. Atour Rahman, head of the financial institution, was present, headed by Mrs. Asad Islam, President of Sonali Bank, Dia Hassan Siddiqui. When he advised him to cancel the debt, the governor said: “If (the officials) grant the loan according to all the rules, there will be no problem.” To continue developing the country, we must give credit. To overcome fear, if you obey all the rules, there will be no problem. He said that the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank will always be on your side so that you do not face any problem in loans. At the same time, the governor advised that the newly disbursed loans are not taxable in the future.

By suggesting that he did not go to court from the beginning if the loan was stalled, the governor said that if the organization faced a problem, he would have to cooperate as much as he could to return to work. Because it adapts to the organization; he said that there is an obstacle to work. The governor said that some research firms, both domestic and foreign, are trying to increase the total amount of damaged loans in the country. These include remittances and remaining funds. But reprogramming is an ongoing process. In fact, he said, the number of overdue loans in the country is very low. At the same time, he asked the world economy to consciously merge the distribution of its debts and enhance the debt collection process. For this, credit must be increased for the productive sector.

Additionally, you must also bear in mind that the loan will not be concentrated in a specific sector or person. He said the country is moving forward. In this sense, the banking sector plays the most important role. In the banking sector, the role of Sonali Bank is more important. That is why this bank’s officials have so much responsibility. At present, the country’s gross loan amount is 8 billion taka, or 9.22 percent of the total distribution. This is no stranger to the country’s economy. But at the end of September it was too much. He said that the five-year residency system played an important role in reducing the down payment by 2%. Conservative advice to be careful when opening a letter of credit back to back (LC), and the Governor said it should be taken into account that he would not become a forced loan at a later time. Because it is a burden on the bank.

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