I want justice for top corrupt

The great success of the current government is to start executing war criminals. Some have been hanged, others have been sentenced to life imprisonment and many are still on trial. Participate directly in anti-nationalist activities while helping Pakistani forces in our great struggle for independence. They caused more damage than the Pakistanis did. The electoral promise of the current government was to prosecute war criminals.

There is no doubt that the government under the leadership of the Janata leader, Sheikh Hasina, has done a good job of starting the war criminals trial. For this, the current government has been praised at home and abroad. At the trial, four countries, including Pakistan, opposed it, so they were dumped. The fifth year of our independence continues. Over the years, our country has not improved as much as citizens expected or no group has allowed this to happen. It has repeatedly blocked the path of expected development. The question is, who are they? In response, it is corrupt.

The question is, who is rotten? In response, I say, those who steal public funds, those who trade, who control drugs and companies, who cheat taxes, who earn the state’s financial wealth and illegally seize it, and who bribe corruption. The mouths of the country’s ordinary people are being swallowed, and mountains of wealth and personal wealth are being built. They are the ultimate enemy of the citizens. The state cannot stop them. They learned of the arrest with the support of the state. The question is, if the government cannot stop them or provide them justice, will he take care of them? The electoral promise of the current government was to announce the source of funds and income for private employees in the republic and their families, including ministers, advisors, ministers, deputy ministers, mayors, and members of parliament; but unfortunately, neither minister nor parliamentarians provided their money. As far as is known, the Cabinet Division issued a notice on March 25, during the last government of the Grand Alliance, to present the financial statements of ministers and members of Parliament to the Prime Minister. In this notice, the ministers are required to provide 5 statements with additional asset details. This information includes income, real estate income, commercial capital or capital gains, non-farm land and total funds.

However, according to the notice, details of your money and resources have been delivered to the Prime Minister or to the website. In addition, according to the notification, persons of decent or similar dignity appointed by the Minister, Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister, who are used by the government or republic, must provide details of their income and wealth. To the Prime Minister within a month of submitting the income tax every year. In his view, the Prime Minister will decide to publish the statement of income and wealth. This notice, issued on March 25, remains here and has not been modified or modified. No new decisions have been taken in this regard. Despite the directives of ministers, advisers, ministers, deputy ministers, and members of the Alliance Government parliament, most ministers, advisers, ministers, deputy ministers, and members of Parliament did not provide their financial or financial statements.

According to reports, at the end of 25 cabinet members submitted their account details directly to the Prime Minister’s office. Their details were rewritten when they attended the ninth parliament. Others did not provide any details of their money and wealth. Parliamentarians were asked to provide details of funds and resources to the speaker, but no-one responded. However, before the election of the twentieth and in the electoral manifesto, the prime minister, members of the cabinet, members of parliament, and the sources of wealth and income for their families had to declare the Awami League promise every year.

From Bangladesh in that series, the announcement announced before the twentieth elections and the League of Awami League in Bangladesh promised to ensure accountability of deputy ministers at all levels of citizens for money, income and income. Unfortunately, after the government took over again under the leadership of the Bangladeshi Awami League on 28, the minister, the chancellor, the minister of state, parliamentarians and members of parliament did not provide any calculation during the past three or four years. Even during the term of the current government, there is no need for the government to be elevated due to the wealth of the people at the time, including mantras, advisors, ministers, deputy ministers, and members of parliament.

As a result, no financial statement was provided. However, one of the promises of the Bangladesh Awami League statement is to present a financial statement. The last thing is that corruption occurs, and those involved are criminals, the enemies of the country and the enemies of humanity. Those corrupt people are more harmful than war criminals. War criminals have suffered damage for a certain period of time, but spoilers have been abusing and continuing forever. Whoever is corrupt or whatever his party is the enemies of the earth. For this, it is absolutely essential that war criminals implement special courts to try them, in which case a special court will be formed to start the trial of the corrupt. The nation’s father, Punjabandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, was walking across the country and saw the misfortune of the people around him and said: “Everyone gets gold mines, and I have mines from thieves, if I had taken these thieves, I would have saved them.” Therefore, if the thief or corrupt judge can be judged, the country will be saved and the loving spirit of the nation’s father will be at peace.

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