Coaching is one of the major obstacles to improving education

On the way to the end of the SSC exam. HSC and its equivalent will start on April 7. All training centers in the country were instructed to close the HSC exam from April 1 to May 7. However, it cannot be confirmed that all training centers suspended their activities according to this directive. It is not possible to leave the entire educational system that was stuck in the reliance on training, preventing proper teaching in the classroom throughout the year. If teachers and students are united in their inclination to educate themselves through training, training can only be stopped by enforcing laws or regulations.

Training seedlings will spread throughout the field. The number of tests at SSC and HSC level increases every year. The number of students is increasing. The number of people who want to study is constantly increasing. The HSC test is a turning point in student life. The future of higher education depends on this test. Students who achieved good results are accepted into SSC and SSC exams at the General University of Engineering and Medicine or seventeen schools in Dhaka. But notes say that many of them do not get a passing score on these university entrance exams. From this, there is a question about the quality of education at the secondary and tertiary levels of school and university. Blaming this cannot be excluded because relying on student training as unreasonable.

It is the teacher’s responsibility to pursue student training. In the old days, those who came to the teaching profession were scholars. To distribute the light of knowledge among students, they give up everything they enjoy. Not so long ago, we who enrolled in school in the 1950s, we noticed this attitude among teachers. In those days the teachers were patriarchal. They are used to carrying out the tutorial with the promise of making every student a human being. I used to teach in class so students don’t have to read much at home. You can get help from a teacher at any time. Outside of the classroom, teachers have created opportunities for students to develop ethical teaching and human qualities in the field of cultural and cultural practices. Suddenly, something happened.

A ghost called training is imposed on students. After leaving school and university, they had to leave for private training and study. Teaching was closed in the classroom. On this occasion, a training center was developed in the country such as a canopy frog. Education went to the training center and to the teacher’s private home. Private teachers crowd into students ’homes after leaving school. Where did Kamal Al-Dinati’s youth lose their childhood and adolescence after running all day at a training center? From elementary to middle and high school, undergraduate and graduate students began taking private lessons and in batch training with the teacher. On behalf of the tuition fees, training centers begin to receive large sums from students. A teacher in the training center has a large sum of money.

On the other hand, students’ knowledge has become limited. Sending a child to the training center is a luxury for today’s parents. Therefore, in the name of education, the number of training centers in the country today is more than 2 lakh. Usually, teachers who work in schools and universities take classes at these training centers. Many teachers work regularly at home to teach their students individually. The training business illegally generates between 5 to 4 billion rupees a year. GPA has become easier to achieve good results in the mechanical based system as a training center. The more teacher training, the better the result. In such an education, it is difficult for a farmer child from a remote school in the town to get a good result. 

The boy who had no literacy began sending him to the training center.

Urban-centered education that focuses on training is progressively limited to the wealthy. Therefore, school students in Al-Mufsal cannot compete with school students in the capital. There are reports of leaks from several exams across the training center. Students can easily access the question document via mobile phone or the Internet. The kids woke up at night to answer these questions and ran to the exam room. Therefore, the issue of verification of benefits is neglected in the examination. Day after day, the quality of education is declining. The Supreme Court recently commented that training centers are being exchanged because of a lack of classroom instruction.

The government’s policy to halt trade in education and training has been declared valid. According to this policy, no teacher in public and private schools, colleges, schools and technical institutions can train their institute students. In addition to parents’ request, the institution manager can organize additional classes before or after the organization’s scheduled time. In accordance with the educational training policy of the educational institutes 2012, the MPO suspension of the private educational institutes has also been suspended due to the violation of the rules. If any teacher in a public educational institution participates in training work, he will be treated as misconduct and punished according to government employment rules.

Although special training and education were organized somewhat due to the tightening of politics, it again began to climax. As a result, the classroom environment is no longer. To improve the quality of education in the country, the classroom environment must be restored at any cost. Without completely destroying the training trade, the country cannot be returned to a solid educational environment. In addition, the entire education system must be decorated to improve education. Regular attendance of teachers must be guaranteed in the classroom. To make students interested in the class, the teaching method must be modified. For this, teachers need appropriate training. In order to maintain equal quality education throughout the country, develop infrastructure for municipal cities and rural areas, and provide textbooks of sufficient quality to students, formal education must be ensured through regular education.

Highly educated and trained teachers. The teacher will have to organize the lesson subject, taking into account the students ’mental state and their ability to read. You should avoid expanding the notebook and guide. The Ministry of Education, the Education Department, will have to monitor the institution’s educational activities regularly. Parents and guardians should protect their children as much as possible. Do not let your children fall into the trap of training; look at that if the child is not well-educated, all life’s achievements will fail. For a profession to be as impressive as teaching, teachers of all levels must be respected. Training work will be eliminated if it is confirmed that a good, qualified and experienced teacher can provide quality education in the classroom. The subatas will begin to study in education.

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