Children will be always happy

Along the way, she noticed that Good Morning Dad didn’t protect her. His father has frustrated him again and again. As soon as the father left the city to work in the office, he was asked to search for good morning: otter, butterflies, closed dolls, Ludo game equipment, magnetic chess game or any favorite food; but the father never brought him. The excuse was that the store was closed, there was no time available or it was missing. In addition, he went shopping with his father but could not buy anything at any time. Only if you insist, he says, buy later. Several times with my father, I had a good day, but it didn’t work out.

In the morning, there is pain in the heart of good morning. He told his father about this problem, but Fufu said the same thing every time, that he would of course not buy, what happened today, would give him another day. I know how Mata loves her father. Only in Sai Gallery with father’s words. Don’t feel good morning. University professor Dadajan Rozofan Malik named his Malik Subraphat when he was born in the fall morning. Depending on the date of birth in the birth registration section, the age is set at 6 years and 6 months. Good morning is a third grader at WW MC Kindergarten in Jhautala District, Comilla. But at school, he can’t tell his father’s story. But other girls tell the story of a caring father. Somebody’s father brought it, someone brought it, and so on.

Only the child is full of laughter and joy. Your needs are always overwhelmed with laughter. For this, all parents must be especially knowledgeable. Because if the parents are upset, the effect will be on the child. And as far as possible compliance. If the data is unreasonable, it must be understood in a very reasonable way. This way, the children of our country take the exam all year round. But children do not like the rule of restrictive study. There is no shortage of busy mothers with child study tests. However, through this, every parent has to spend time together. He has to give time too. You have to listen to it. You have to know the flaws. It is often thought that they are not young because of their self-worth. But this idea is completely wrong.

One of the main aspects of a child’s environment is the emotional and social environment.

This misconception can sometimes cause serious damage. Their needs are not met with the demands, many parents are satisfied with the situation. In this regard, Mahtab Khanam, professor of psychology at Dhaka University, said of the mental health of children and adolescents, most of them can be found without confidence. The task of getting them out of this place shows just how powerful they are of impotence. Many parents want to keep their son imprisoned inside the four walls of the house. I just don’t want to leave without school hours. As a result, she became a housewife. Therefore, to develop a mixed mindset of a child, he must be allowed to mix with other children abroad. While there are children in the house, meanwhile, you should laugh with it.

As the famous psychiatrist Carl Rogers introduced his theory, all that is needed to create a healthy body are love, compassion, warmth, respect, respect and acceptance. But it turns out that what parents and adults get even after they were raised in childhood is love or conditional respect. In his theory, Carl Rogers says that unconditional love is. The child’s first relationship with the father is formed, and based on the ease and strength of the relationship, the child receives unconditional love and acceptance with his parents. Unconditional love that overcomes insecurity and the futility of a child’s mind is based on positive self-confidence. Therefore, parents must abandon the conditional position of meeting the request. Because getting accepted by meeting needs, children’s confidence in themselves decreases. It grows, no matter how much you try, until you reach the destination created by the elderly.

This sense of worthlessness disrupts your emotional and behavioral development. The atmosphere of the house should be full of laughter and love. The child’s use depends on how the other family members are treated, as a parent, the person who works. The type of use a child expects, such use should appear. Children need to prioritize their success without losing sight of weaknesses. Child health depends on a balanced diet and proper physical work. When you return home from school, most children are sitting or studying, or it is time to go training. Watch TV or computer games to entertain yourself. TV videos and computer games must be linked for a specified period of time. You should see the type of programs that children watch on TV. Television is the main cause of violence among children these days. The child must participate in sports every day and at least exercise if this opportunity is not available.

Exercise helps you stay healthy and focused. In addition, all parents must go out with their child at least once a week. Children should show museums, monuments, zoos, liberation war museums, intellectual relics and more important places. Sometimes, the child will have to watch the game directly at the stadium. This will make the child feel interested in playing. Children’s drawing competitions are often held in different institutions. Children must be taken there and take part in the competition. When children ask for something out of their parents ’reach, they must patiently explain it. If a person wants to set a condition, he must understand that the conditions that children must enjoy must be met by the child’s possible condition. But if he fails for some reason, then the shield can be kept in recognition of his other good deeds. Children must fulfill their mission by applying love, love, affection, and longing. However, they should be filled with the best possible laughter. Watching a child should mean monitoring the child in the simplest way, without seeing the world from his critical point of view. The more I try to know as a child, the better my dad will be. Children are not only a matter of joy, but the next generation lives among them.

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