Is trafficking and noise pollution impossible to solve?

Due to the many historical events, places, food, clothes, etc., the city was long known and known. For decades, there have been several places in Dhaka. The air was very fresh. If you are on your way to Dhaka, can you reach the destination in time? I will not worry about that. But Dhaka is now known as a traffic city. Meanwhile, the loud noise is hurting the citizens who live in the capital, and it is hurting public health. There was a lot of talk about traffic congestion and noise in Dhaka. Newspapers, seminars and reports from various organizations have repeatedly raised concerns. But problems remain.

It did not disappear and did not say. Instead, a new year arrives, and traffic congestion and noise in Dhaka seems to be getting more gloomy and more horrific. The question is, is it possible to stop traffic and noise pollution in Dhaka by adopting and implementing the right plan? How two of the most annoying problems and damages that occur in this city? On the way to Dhaka, a vehicle can pass 25 kilometers per hour within 24 hours. In the following years, traffic congestion increased in Dhaka only. In the city, the traffic speed in this city has been reduced to 5 km per hour.

The situation is now so similar that you can reach the destination more quickly without using vehicles. On my way from Dhaka to take morning classes at the University of Dhaka, I arrived at Banana Bhaban within a five-minute walk in front of the Intercontinental Hotel or on Minto Road. It is too late for my driver to reach the cabin of my car. Such a position is also created at other times of the day. At night, I may go to a medical show or social event. Sitting in the car for a long time, vehicles are frozen everywhere. Sitting somewhere with your loved ones at night after work all day, as easily as in the past, eased your mind, and now after night it is difficult to reach somewhere because of the traffic. As a result, direct contact with people is reduced, damaging the health of the mind. On a Friday or a holiday in the morning, it takes 20 minutes to reach the destination, while on other days it takes between one and a half and two hours to reach the same destination by car. Such a traffic situation creates confusion, resentment and anxiety in the minds of many people. There are a variety of health problems that arise from stress.

Every day, people become moderate and angry at the problem of getting in the way for a long time. The suffering of the people increases, but the traffic problems are not solved. Not only is the problem of increased mental instability; it is known that due to traffic, approximately one hour is wasted in Dhaka every day. According to the study, the amount of annual financial losses from traffic is 1 billion taka. Initiatives have been taken to establish Metrorail in Dhaka. Various bridges did not reduce traffic in Dhaka. Will Metrorail be reduced to Dhaka if the number of private cars, motorcycles and people living in Dhaka is not reduced? Down the road, private cars are understood to be growing in Dhaka. If many cars are used in the same family, the traffic will increase.

Due to the services provided by Uber, Send, etc., the number of long-distance vehicles is also higher than ever. Many people come to Dhaka due to lack of facilities in small and medium-sized cities and towns. It’s easy to understand that having so many people puts a lot of pressure on the capital. If people continue to come to Dhaka, can traffic stop at Metroori? If effective measures were not taken to decentralize, the city would not be affordable to many people. Decentralization is not a new proposal. But what is an effective way to reduce the need to stay in Dhaka? A few months ago, when school students protested on a safe road, there was no traffic on the road to Dhaka for a few days. They gave the way to the ambulance. All cars follow the rules in such a way that no road traffic is generated.

A few days after this movement stopped, traffic jams were back in Dhaka. But school and university students have shown that it is impossible to eliminate traffic if there is an honest effort. On the way to Dhaka, I often see passengers moving or getting off the bus lanes, having trouble parking on the side of the road, blocking the left lane in the left lane, while keeping all traffic stuck in the traffic lights for a long time. Time, without using a passing bridge.

Are these problems difficult for police officers assigned to monitor traffic?

Just below that, pedestrians cross the street in front of several vehicles. Why do such problems persist even when the police are in service? If traffic laws are strictly enforced in all cases and the vehicle or pedestrian must be careful not to violate the rules on the road, then the traffic will be greatly reduced. Traffic congestion has become a serious problem in Dhaka. There are many vehicles that are set on the city streets. Horn and other cars on the bus, Mike plays hard, hurts pedestrians. At the same time, the horn of the train that runs through the city will harm the citizens. Near the residential area I live in, trains running along the train track sound horns during the day, night, dawn, and dawn.

This terrible noise makes us crawl into the room even after the windows and doors are closed. Sometimes coaches continued playing for several seconds with consistently powerful horns. Trumpets can be used if necessary. But it becomes important to ask, why does the train use an unbearable amount of a century? High levels of unbearable pods cause severe pollution, which is extremely harmful to human health, especially for those who suffer from high blood pressure and heart problems. As we can see, the basket was built near the railroad. The people who live there. Again, the market is very close to the railways. Imagine that when people get away from railroads, trains collide with this loud horn. But this unbearable century hurts many people. All we need is to make sure the railroad intersects with people without housing or a bazaar. Only then should the cries of people close to the rail and the very loud noise on the train be used to transport people.

The World Health Organization says that any word that contains more than 3 decibels can cause people to fast temporarily. Having more than 3 decibels of noise on a regular basis is very dangerous and dangerous for persons with hearing disabilities. According to the noise pollution control (control) rules, which are 25, no more than 5 decibels can be made during the day in the Dhaka residential area and more than 5 decibels at night. Near the residential area, the Supreme Court banned all types of vehicles from honking at night. The court prohibited touching the pods when passing through the hospital. However, in the Dhaka residential area, hospitals, etc., he consistently adhered to the sound of cars, buses, and trains day and night.

The public should take urgent measures to raise awareness about the harmful effects of noise pollution, so as not to cause unnecessary and intolerable levels of public health in cars, buses, trains, etc. At the same time, regular disciplinary measures should be taken against those who deactivate the word, so that it refrains from sounding out of fear of punishment. We can see economic growth in our society. But they can enjoy the benefits of economic prosperity in the continuing mental and physical damage to citizens by falling into traffic in Dhaka and causing severe noise pollution. It is important to ensure that mental peace and physical well-being are not impaired in any way. Traffic and pollution are two serious problems that put pressure on people every day and damage their bodies. There is no chance of such problems being quiet or silly. It is difficult to stay in the city in the new year, in the new times, and people will feel comfortable if quick steps are taken to solve these two problems.

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