Media in the formation of Digital Bangladesh

A useful tool for defending the media. It is possible to form a public opinion through the media by analyzing messages and information on any topic. Likewise, the depth and importance of the problem to the government and its policy makers can be highlighted. The media is an important component to attract the attention of professionals. The media can open the message of public participation in people’s livelihoods to make development areas friendly to life using conducive infrastructure. The media can form a positive or negative public opinion about all social problems of society.

When citizens of the United States and most of the world’s dreamers, including the Third World, dreamed of Barack Obama’s “change in need”, we immediately fell in love with the world. Speaking of change itself, the current government won the elections with the “Charter of Change”. But the context of the United States and Bangladesh is different. So, the promise of change is the same, but there are many questions. There are different expectations. Therefore, the expectations of Bangladesh and the American people should not coincide with their government and accounts.

However, after eliminating many guesses and fears of anxiety, new voters in the ninth Parliamentary elections held in the Ninth Parliament had about Rs.2 million. There is no way to reject the contribution of this new generation of voters to the ultimate victory of the Awami League. The new generation will be in favor of change, this is normal. On December 7, the “Generation Forum” started a blogger journey from the Bengali community through Samhauerin Swamp. Currently, Bangladeshi linguists are associated with this blog with more than 1 lakh 20 thousand bloggers. The third Bengali blog will be held on December 5 this year, with the aim of expanding expression, fostering creativity, expanding the level of communication between writers and readers and diversifying citizen journalism.

Sight Blog talks about the voice of all the people involved in development thinking in the country. It should be noted that on November 7, the Information and Syndicate Center was established on November 7. The service center was launched in three Comilla consortia. These centers provide all information and technology services, including downloading and filling in all government forms, graduation notice, birth registration certificate, general examination results and university application. According to Amartya Sen, there are media outlets in the country, which can be avoided even with hunger.

Only free media can free you from this curse.

The success of all human rights depends on information. Knowing the information makes it easy to make the necessary decisions or participate in a task. Generally, those in power or those who want to gain power do not want to inform the general public. Most of the people in the country are illiterate. As a result, the media can educate people by publishing and publishing research reports about the merits, skills and integrity of candidates in each constituency. For information, the general public can attend governmental or non-governmental organizations. People in the village are deprived of various services because they do not know it. Those who are appointed to provide services to the general public in the village are not performing their duties.

The general public in the village does not know what kind of allocation the government has provided them. People affected by natural disasters are denied help from the government or the Red Crescent because no information is available. The agricultural community does not know the support that the Agricultural Extension Department gives to farmers. Information about these civil services can be found anywhere and for anyone. How to know or be available; knowing these facts, ordinary people can turn the wheel of their own destiny In this case, the media can work for the benefit of the masses.¬†How people spend time and live in almost all societies of today’s world; the role of the media to determine this is huge and this role continues to grow.

In the popular media of the 1970s, critic Ben H. wrote. Baghdikian that kings and priests once determined how many people will know, how much they will hear, and now determine in the media that the media has not reported it, and this does not happen in the world. The media is no longer simply a reflection of realism, rather than a true source. In modern society, therefore, the importance and meaning of the media is unambiguous. Means are called the fourth pillar or fourth state in the state. The media are said to have become the eyes and ears of modern people.

Globalization, on the other hand, is called the key to liberating the world’s poor, oppressed and disadvantaged. Thanks to the power and role of the media, the process and efforts to establish effective saturation in digital Bangladesh have been working since the birth of the campaign. Since December 25, 2007, the main public and private organizations involved in dominant politics have formed an alliance to raise awareness around most people. This alliance was called “Vision-2023”. All technology issues, including the appropriate idea for civil society in relation to it and relevant members of Parliament, government and state, gathering relevant information, relevant information about the experience, and shaping public opinion influencing decision-making including access to many recommendations for interested decision makers . The paper is the most shy. In this set of advanced media, audiences advance as catalysts in the process of liberating audiences from social and economic families. Over time, people’s perceptions of power changed dramatically. There was a time when people believed that God lived in money, but now people believe that God lives in information.

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