Gujarat repeats in Delhi

The poor in Delhi who suffer from isolation will feel the pain and suffering of the sea that crossed the sea of ​​fire and blood in the last week of February. For the first time in the journalist’s long life, I could not express the barbarity and cruelty of these poor and defenseless people. Several times I came back from the face of death by the rioters and the police. But the painful and terrible things that happened in Delhi in recent days shocked me deeply. Many innocent people have suffered tragic deaths in the three days of unrest and looting. Many people suffer in the hospital.

Thousands of people were victims. Million rupees have become ash. In the narrow and dark oligarchy in eastern Delhi, it appears that the demolition site in Mustafa Abad, Khajuri, Chandbagh, Karwal Nagar and Mozpur has been attacked by enemy forces and destroyed all the survivors. After a lifetime of hard work and difficulties, the wealth and furniture stored in the form of debris are destroyed, unarmed people cannot see the shape of the debris. There are many poor people who cannot stand alone for the second time. President of the United States, Donald Trump, was present in the capital when the story of the devastation was taking place in the poorest areas of the capital. The police are said to have been busy giving him security, so they couldn’t pay attention to the area of ​​destruction. To a large extent, the police that were present in the area were helping the rioters rather than protecting the deprived and oppressed citizens. The collective face of Delhi police, the country’s most honest, was revealed at a time when it was cruel to Jamia Millia students. The police were busy pleasing their political teachers instead of performing their constitutional duties. All this is known, and this is the first riots in the country, her statement was prepared. Over the past two months, the ruling party has publicly used a very toxic language and threatens Muslims.

Nobody fears the consequences of hate seeds. It appears that “some of these schemes and extremists have been taken to Earth with the assurance that no matter what they do, the law will do nothing for them.” This is the time when the Delhi Supreme Court Judge, S. Muralihar, interrogated the failure of the Delhi police. He said to take action against those who spread the poison, then it was taken overnight. Other judges assigned to the case have postponed the session for a month, according to the will of the public prosecutor.

Therefore, the legal system of the BJP leaders, who are wandering the poison of hatred against Muslims by killing monsters, makes no sense. As a result, they created fearlessly “hell” in northeastern Delhi. Delhi police have not yet been able to identify the people who have written the most brutal stories of violence and brutality. Yes, the police began searching for the “sacrificed lambs” and first attacked the municipal adviser to the General Adam Party, Taher Hussein. A case has been registered against him for the murder of an intelligence officer, Ankit Sharma. Your home and factory have been closed. Am Adam’s party leader Arvind Kejriwal, instead of helping his party’s advisor, Tahir Hussain, expelled him from the party and demanded a double sentence.

The police are seen as silent spectators.

But Taher has repeatedly said that the charges against him are unfounded. However, it is expected that the police will announce that Tahir is the “intellectual writer of the riots” and announce that Kapil Mishra is innocent. In the future, more “lambs” will be tried for “sacrifice” and charged for spreading the riots. There is also the possibility that one of Kabel Sharma, who threatens the riot police, will not ask, “How many teeth are in your mouth?” Union Minister Anurag Thakur, who killed the “filth” in the country at the Bharatiya Janata Electoral Party meeting, will have nothing to do with Burma’s clear threat to launch an excavator in Delhi’s mosques. Because these people are under the umbrella of the government and Home Minister, Amit Shah, who controls Delhi Police.

The rioters caused so much hatred against Muslims in their minds that they damaged some mosques. Hanuman flags were raised at the mosque of the mosque. Stories of oppression and barbarism are so high that Caleb’s great book will not be enough to suppress them. In terms of destruction, violence and brutality, it is one of the most horrific terrorist incidents in recent history. The hope is that some Hindus have saved the lives of their Muslim neighbors and that some Muslims have kept their lives alive. The areas in northeastern Delhi where the destruction was created are called “Jamuna Para”. The poor live in these densely populated areas. Most of them are daily workers. The rest are minor actions. There is a lack of basic living facilities in these narrow, dark alleys.

But the beauty is that the Hindu Muslim population who lives here always stands side by side to meet basic needs and away from societal problems. This is because Muslims in most places rent houses for Hindus and some Hindus Muslims. Living in a company, it is difficult for people to distinguish between the identity of religion. Because the people who fight here every day, in this life war, where are their chances to talk about? But the events of the last week of February divided these people into “Islamic Hindu” homes. On February 25, 26 and 28, Muslim homes, shops and factories were attacked in the area, and everything was destroyed. Most people believe that all of this was repeated in Delhi, which was done in 2002 with Muslims in Gujarat.

There, with the help of the police and government offices, brutal animals had open access to killing and looting of Muslims. This time in Delhi, for three days, the demonstrators had the opportunity to do everything in complete freedom. Three days later, the curfew was issued and a shooting order was issued when everything was destroyed. All this happened during the Gujarat genocide. Needless to say, who was the prime minister and minister of the interior in Gujarat at the time? Because everyone knows his name and his actions. At first glance, the aim of the fire in northeastern Delhi appears to have been a conspiracy to terrorize people protesting the National Citizens Amendment Act, NRC and NPR. Violence also started in the name of eliminating the girls who participated in the demonstration under Zafarabad Metro Station, where BJP Kapil leader threatened the presence of mixed DCP police, if the movement does not stop, then it will stop him. The threat was put on effective clothes. No doubt the protesters in other parts of the country were afraid, but they were not brave. Now, it is necessary to continue the peaceful movement against Calacanon. And those who dig the graves of democracy and the constitution must be convinced that the agitators are not afraid.

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