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The ceramic industry Standard Standard Industries Limited rose yesterday in first place on the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). On that day, the company’s share fell 8.7 percent. DSE sources said the information. Meanwhile, the company’s stock price on the Dubai Stock Exchange was reduced by six decimal numbers or the equivalent of 20 taka per share in the last five rupees, and the closing price was 5 countries. During the day, the share price changed from minimal TK. On that day, 20,000 and 52 shares were exchanged, for a total of 3,320 times. Whose market value is 8 million six lakh six thousand. Last year, the share price fluctuated between Rs. The company announced a cash dividend of 5% after reviewing the audited financial report for the fiscal year ending on June 5.

Earnings per share (EPS) at the time of trading was Pk 1 paise and the asset price per share (NAV) is Pk 5 pkise. Cash flow per share was paise. Previously, the company paid 2 percent cash dividends for the fiscal year ending June 5. The company was listed on the capital market in year 5 and is currently in category “B”. Against the authorized capital of 5 billion crowns, the paid up capital is 6.45 crowns. The amount of the reserve is 20.5 million taka. The company has a total of 1 lakh 5 thousand 5 shares. According to the latest data of the Dubai Stock Exchange, the total shares are 26.5% for entrepreneurs or managers, 5.5% for institutional investors and 5.7% for general investors. In the stock market yesterday, the pressure on the stock purchase showed a positive boost for shareholders and indexed transactions. On the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), the main index has risen about 5 percent in the company’s price index. The deal increased to about 20 million.

There was pressure to buy stocks in almost all sectors. However, among the big sectors, the pressure to buy stocks was greater in the textile, energy and mutual funds sectors. Treatment was high in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, but there was also pressure to sell in this sector. The pressure on the stock sale in the insurance sector was relatively high. Among the smaller sectors, the jute, cement, ceramics, leather, travel and leisure sectors were in good shape. The pharmaceutical and chemical sectors ranked first with 25% of transactions. In this sector, the company increased by 3 percent. Box 10 million transactions of 5 lakh, but the rate is 5 Bz. Despite rumors of a recession, central drug prices continued to rise. Yesterday, the price increased to Tk 1 paise, despite the deal Tk. The sales value of Far Chemical Chemical Industries is 1 Takr 5 Tak, at 25 pais. Orion Infusion received a deal worth 12.5 million taka, while the price fell to 5.25 taka. Silva Pharma sales turnover was about 1 crown, 8 caves, and the price rose by 5 paise. Orion Pharma has a turnover of 8.22 million taka, and the average is 5 paise.

In addition, Indobangla Pharma has sales value of Tk. $ 9.5 million, average of 5 paise. However, Silco Pharma remained at the top of the 5% price hike. The textile sector accounts for 5%. In this sector, the company increased by 3 percent. VFS yarn dyeing peaks with Tk 5 crores spin. The price in paise rose to 5 paise. In addition, Noorani Daeng was at the forefront of the 5 percent price hike. Shepherd Industries rose 3 per cent to 5 per cent, Alif Manufacturing rose 5 per cent, Fifth Knitting and Dye increased 9 per cent, and Maxons Yarn increased 8 per cent to 8 per cent. The engineering sector accounted for 72% of the deal. In this sector, the company increased 42 percent. There was no money in the mutual fund sector. The four remained unchanged and the rest increased.

The demand for shares is the highest in textile energy and mutual funds

The ICB workers’ savings fund rises to sixth place on the first rise of 9.25 percent. The insurance sector represents 12 percent of the company‚Äôs price. The energy and energy sectors increased by 5%. Although Grameenphone had made a deal with a value of 8.22 taka, the price was lowered to Tk 2. Finally, after seven working days, the stock market showed positive momentum. Yesterday, the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) increased the price of the company by one and a half percent. This makes the DSEX 20 positive points. The two remaining indicators were positive. However, the deal decreased compared to the previous business day. The index fell sharply at the start of the transaction. However, after many ups and downs, buying pressure increased from 12 pm until the index gradually increased. However, as sales pressure increased in the last half hour, the index was finally able to remain positive at 20 points.

In the Chittagong Stock Exchange Index (CSE), the share price increased slightly as the number of shareholders increased. Market notes showed that yesterday, the main DSE index, DSEX, rose 20.95 points, or 4 percent, to 4,993 points. The DSES or Sharia index increased 1 point by 5 percentage points, or 0.5 percent, to 1,000 points, and the DS1 index increased 3 percent to zero points, or 0.5 percent to 1, 5.7 points. Yesterday, the market value of the DSE increased by 1.900,000 crowns taka. The Dubai Stock Exchange owns a stake in “LAC 1 Krone Tech 1” shares and mutual fund units. On the previous business day, the transaction amounted to 1 kr. For shares and mutual fund units. As a result, the transaction decreased to Tk. On this day, 1 crore 5 lakh 5 thousand shares were exchanged, one lakh 20 thousand 7 times. Of the three companies and mutual funds negotiated, the offer increased by 225 companies, the lowest of which was 5 and the price has not changed. Farmakical Industries rose to the top of the deal yesterday. The company is trading in Tk shares. Prices rose 5 paise. After this, VFS Thread Dyeing has Tk shared transaction.

After seven working days on the DSE, the index increased but the transaction was low

Prices rose 5 paise. Grameenphone has a Tk transaction. Prices rose 5 paise. Indobangla Pharma has Tk stock turnover. Prices rose 5 paise. Orion diversion has a turnover of TK. The price has been reduced to five paise. In addition, Central Pharma has sold shares worth 8.82 million crowns taka, 8 crores taka 5 lakh from Silva Pharma, and we have permission for printing and packaging 8 crores for you, and Pharma Square 7 crores for 5 and Lorion Pharma Tech 7 crores. Global Heavy Chemical jumped 5 percent to the top of the hike. Maximum insurance rates are 9.72 percent, Yakin Polymer rates are 9.72 percent, Central Pharma rates are 9.7 percent, Olympic attachment rates are 9.7 percent, Deshbandhu Polymer rates are 9.7 percent, and progressive life is 8 percent. Dyeing price is 8.3 percent, BSRM Ltd has 8.5 percent and printing and packing prices in Khulna. 38 percent of decimal places. Fast finance rose to the top of the price by 5 percent.

Emerald oil prices fell 5.7 percent. International rates for leasing and financial services were 8.3 percent, Prime Finance 7.7 percent, Price Finance 7.7 percent, United Air 6.6 percent, First Finance 5.5 percent, 5 percent and 5 percent. , Staining costs ML ML fourteen percent 5, standard ceramic rates thirteen percent 5 Eche. On the other hand, in the CSE yesterday, the CSCX rose 22.25 points, or 20.2 percent, to 8,826.32 points, and the overall CASPI index rose 5.75 points, or 0.2 percent, to 680 decimal points. Yesterday, a total of 25 companies were negotiated and mutual fund participation. Of these, the price increased by 5, the price decreased by 5, and the price remained unchanged at 25. On this day, shares of Mutual Funds and Mutual Fund Units reached Rs. On the previous business day, the transaction amounted to 1 kr 1 lakh 5 thousand and shares of mutual funds. As a result, the treatment increased to 12 taka. Reliable cement is at the top of the transaction in CSE. The company has a turnover of 20 million taka. Subsequent positions include 1 lakh of VFS yarn, 1 lakh of the chemical industry, 12 lakhs of Advent Pharma, 1 lakh of Olympic accessories, Khulna for printing and packaging, lakh, Lafarzholme 1 lakh, SS Steel 1 lakh and 5 lakh Lacer. The deal is done.

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