The bank sector is now in big challenge

Now misery in banks and the financial sector must be brought under control very quickly. On the other hand, the loan amount is increasing. When the newspaper is left open, the news is said to flee abroad with thousands of taka. Money is smuggled from country to country, don’t central banks and the government see that? Posted after taking money abroad. The topic thinks a lot. The bank again achieved nine and six in terms of deposits and loans. Indeed, the banking sector has now become a major challenge. The issue was discussed yesterday at the MTV Market Watch event.

The ceremony was attended by former Farouk President of Germany and the Middle East Ahmed Siddiqui and Chairman of the NRB Center, MS Sekil Chowdhury. Farooq Ahmed Siddiqui said that GDP growth has improved dramatically in recent years. But since the beginning of this year, the main indicators have been without negative transfers. If this negative situation persists, there will be a significant impact on the economy, including business and employment. Corona virus worldwide scare now. Most of the raw materials in our country are imported from China. This will also have a major impact on the economy.

So the most important place is the banking sector. The bad management of banks and the financial sector nowadays must be controlled very quickly. On the one hand, the volume of bad loans is increasing. Opening newspaper pages indicates that billions have fled abroad. The central bank and the government do not see the money being smuggled from abroad. Posted after taking money abroad. The topic thinks a lot. The bank again achieved nine and six in terms of deposits and loans. In fact, the banking sector is now one of the biggest challenges. In recent years, he added, investment has stalled between 22 and 20 percent of GDP. Do not grow this year may be worse. Because credit growth in the private sector is less than 5 percent. This is the lowest level in the past 3 years.

If so, where would the investment be? How can production be increased if the investment is not increased? This could completely destroy macroeconomic indicators. Skill Chaudhry said that the country’s economy is in great danger due to the Corona virus. Not only our country, but all countries of the world are in danger. Most of the raw materials manufactured in the country, including consumer goods, are imported from China. We are mainly in China. Meanwhile, many factories in China have been closed. Apart from this, runway vehicles were closed. The important point is that if it is long-term, then the prices of many products will rise. As a result, there will be a major crisis in the country. To date, raw materials imported from China may work, but not for long.

What will we do when this deposit ends? To survive in this situation, the struggle and the need to prepare for social and economic life must be from now on. Importers should sit in a country that relies on various raw materials, including Chinese products, with the government or the Ministry of Commerce. We don’t have to wait. What will happen next? The quantity of raw materials imported from China is in stock and the amount of raw materials produced or how long it will take, should now be carefully analyzed. Otherwise, many will be in financial danger. On the third day of the week, both markets witnessed a positive movement in the Participation and Trade Index. Yesterday, the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) increased the company’s price by one and a half percent.

Transactions in both the markets increased by Tk 197 crore

This makes the DSEX 3 points positive. The two remaining indicators were positive. The transaction increased from Rs. 5 million to Rs. 5 million. The indicator appears at the beginning of the transaction. Then at 12 noon, the index rose higher. If the index exceeds 4,000 points, the indicator will slowly begin to decline around 12:30. However, in the end it remained positive. A similar number was seen on the Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE). The deal increased to Rs. 8 crores. Market notes showed that yesterday, the main DSE DSEX index rose 5.25 points, or 4 percent, to 4,000 decimal points 8. The DSES or Sharia index rose by seven percentage points, or 0.5 percent, to 1,000 decimal points 8, and the DS1 index increased 5 percent to 9 points, or 0.5 percent, to 5.7 thousand points.

Yesterday, the market value of the DSE increased by Rs. 1,360 crore to Tk. The Dubai Stock Exchange owns a share of 1 Takroni crown and 6 lakh 5 thousand shares and units of mutual funds. On the previous business day, the transaction amounted to 1 kr. For shares and mutual fund units. As a result, the deal increased to 8.22 million taka. On that day, 25 million of 1 lakh 2 thousand shares were exchanged, one lakh 5 thousand 5 times. Among the three companies and mutual funds negotiated, the offer increased by 5, the decrease was 5 and the price did not change. VFS Dyeing Wires rose to the top of the deal yesterday. The company is trading in Tk shares. The price in paise rose to 5 paise. Next, Square Pharma has a Tk share deal. Prices fell 5 paise.

Central Pharma has a turnover of Rs. The price in paise rose to 5 paise. Al-Aqsa Chemical Industries has shares worth Tk. The price is reduced by 25 paise. Daffodil Computers has a turnover of 12.5 million taka. Prices rose 5 paise. In addition, Orion Infusions owns a stake in Tk 12 crore 5 lakh, Lafarzholm Tk 1 crore 5 lakh, Silva Pharma’s Tk 1 crore 5 lakh and Orion Pharma Tk 1 crore 12 lakh and Grameenphone Tk. Noroni Dieng and Silco Pharma rose to the top of a 5 percent rate hike. Shepherd Industries rates are 9.7 percent, Premiere Leasing 3.7 percent, Elif Manufacturing 3 percent, 5 percent, and the Savings Fund for employees of the World Bank. Interest rates are 9.75 percent, Magna Cement 3 percent, 3 percent. The percentage, forest weaving and dyeing rates increased by 8.22%, and the price of yarn in Maxons rose by 8.7%. Standard pottery rises to 8% to 8%. Greendelta insurance rates fell 7.72 percent. The price of Renwick Yogeshwar fell seven percent to zero, while the singer’s belly dropped seven percent.

On the other hand, in the CSE yesterday, the CSCX price index rose 5.3 points or 0.4 percent to 8,222 decimal points, and the overall CASPI index rose 5 points or 4 percent decimal to 9,4.4.4 points. Yesterday, a total of 25 companies were negotiated and mutual fund participation. Of these, the price rose to 12, the reduction went to 12, the rate was not adjusted to 22. On this day, shares of Mutual Funds and Mutual Fund Units reached 27.53 million THK. On the previous business day, the deal amounted to 1 billion crowns taka 2 lakh 6 thousand and 6 thousand shares and units of mutual funds. As a result, the deal increased to Rs. 8 million. The VFS thread is at the top of the transaction in the CSE. The company has a trading value of Taka 1 lakh shares. Subsequent positions include: SK Trims 1 million, Advent Pharma 1 Rs 12 million, SS Steel 1 lakh, Lafargeholms 1 lakh, Central Pharma 1 lakh, arctic and 1 lakh, Shelf 5 lakh. Money is a stock deal.

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