Not to accept the arrogance of the education minister about Bangabandhu

A few days ago I went to 12th place in Dundmund. The story speech at a modest reception in front of Bangabandhu Bhawan. In my workplace, Bangladesh, I devoted myself to everything except writing, writing and speaking with a limited number of people. I do not attend seminars, round tables or even TV shows. By keeping pace with the holistic deterioration of values ​​and society without ideological policy, we take into account the unfortunate picture of diplomacy that has made us incomprehensible. Former head of the Chatra Association at Rajshahi University, Shaukat Hussain Shafiq, ranked 12th in his reception as the organizing secretary of the Central Committee of the Awami League. After the assassination of 9, it is time for Bangabandhu ideological policy to become a very hostile country. On that day, the Punjabandu followers traditionally resorted to the ideals of the nation’s great leader in the face of a total attack on the field.

On the one hand, the rule of the military ruler and his forces in Betoya – grandeur and extreme repression – on the other hand created a hostile situation for violent extremists and extremists on the basis of the Bangabandu and Awami League. The allies were ready. From school life to the last day of college, I devoted myself to BCL policy. Punjabandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Ajman prevails in my feelings, feelings and thoughts. He is my only commander. Shafiq’s reception not only met the leader of the misfortune of former vice president Rakshu, Nur Islam Thu, but also in difficult circumstances, he met MP Sarwar Jahan Badshah, head of the Hala University Organizing Unit. Our Secretary-General, Attorney Laibaldine Lavault, also attended. It was good to see attorney Rabei Alam Bodo.

The former president of the PCL party, Abdul Mannan, spoke at the Chatra gathering in Amalta on the occasion of the military government. Then there was a time of harsh politics for extremists and extremists on campus. The militants attacked a student organization fighters meeting. In the Raksu elections for the military regime, the Chatra League was forced to leave the fighting plate and choose it. BCL’s strength was Bangabandhu’s ideology and armed opponents’ politics. The leader of the Awami League, our son Rafik Islam Bakool, helped us with his staff and pocket. All former BCL leaders, led by Obaidul Quader, stood firm. The head of the Chatra League, Habibur Rahman Habib, went to BNP, but on that day, the central head of the radical revolutionary armed group stood up in Motihar and said: “If any of you throw flowers at someone in the Chatra tournament, I will ban your party from stopping them from the honeycomb “. But the organization was strengthened.

Bangabandhu’s enemies that day live alongside the politics of power in the infinite mercy of Bangabandhu’s daughter, Sheikha Hasina. There are not many leaders anywhere in the leadership of the Chatra League and the Awami League in the struggle for great times. Unified image across the country. The president of the Fifty and North League in Shatra, including the Secretary-General, who has strengthened the organization with the likes of Punjabando across the country, has highlighted the leadership of the Awami League. Obaidul Quader was the party’s general secretary. Jahangir Kabir Nanak was a joint secretary and a member of Abdul Rahman’s board of directors. Nobody else is anywhere. Khurshid Alam of Chittagong had nothing on the Sogan front. The front part of the passageway of the Secretary-General of Rakasui, Jahangir Kabir has not been opened.

These extremists are now bankrupt and out of politics.

Former spring president Amer al-Alam Miloon was nominated for the partial elections in Bagherhat after he won a seat on the Labor Committee. The reason for writing so much is that politics is not only the hand of politicians, but there is the potential to become a leader of burning workers like the Awami League. A person in the identity of the father or someone or in various ways. The current Minister of Education. Depo Money is not only a highly educated woman, but also the daughter of Secretary-General M. Vadod from Chatra Association. MA Vadud’s contribution to editing the descriptive language movement.

On days of agreement, he was in a place of subordination. Dr. Dipu Moni has accepted MBBS as a worthy student at the Dhaka Medical College and obtained a higher degree in Western education. He was the head of the research while studying in Dhaka Medical. But I was not with leadership at any stage of BCL policy. During the BNP-group system, Effi Rahman, who lost his life in the Ikushi bomb attack, resigned as chief editor of the Awami League as head of the Awami League. Then, suddenly, this vacant position appears, Dr. Deepo Mane. Suddenly, the Central Committee of the Awami League found good luck. Depo Money does not have to look back. Sheikha Hasina, the daughter of Bangapandu in the twentieth elections, achieved a great victory in the voting revolution and formed a coalition government.

Depo Moni becomes the Secretary of State. The joint secretary is poor team promotion. Unfortunately for many politicians, many of them have reached different levels of leadership through thrilling struggles of an active nature with the masses of Ajman, and have not received the title of party, nor parliamentarians and ministers through repeated tests. On the other hand, Dr. Dipu Munira suddenly came, saw and won everything. I have no doubts about his talent, ability, and integrity. But there is an issue of getting one after another with this jerk. This question will not be taken into consideration. It is not unusual for a sudden leader, a sudden deputy and a sudden minister in this country. It is also true that the most powerful government in the political history of Bangladesh, such as Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of Bangapando, is now the weakest government in the country.

Many of them have neither leadership leadership nor political wisdom, nor in the past to create a long history of politics as leader of the masses. This is the reason why a group of bureaucrats has become so powerful that they appear as a ruler rather than a Republican employee. On the one hand, politicians debate the wealth of bureaucrats growing at home and abroad. They are unthinkable and have not taken their place of power in the wake of immature ministers and sudden leaders entering politics; Let’s say these words, this policy is a great misfortune for the nation. What I mean is that the political partner of Bangabandhu MA Vadud had the political wisdom, reason, emotion, feeling, and political partner of Dr. Sheikha Hasina. Depo Munir no. Although she is a charming, highly educated woman, the last storm showed the number of children, the number of fools, and how few in politics school. The Minister of Education, Dr. Dipu Muni, opened the newly-built Bangapando Academic Building for the Bogra Police School and College on the last day of February. Upon his arrival, the Minister of Education welcomed the students with a mask to the image of Bangapandu.

After the image was published in the media, there was no storm of criticism, and it spread on social networks. It was assumed that the Minister of Education, Dipu Munir, would take action against those who thought their reception after the mask of the nation’s father, Pangabandhu, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Instead, they greeted students with a Bangabandhu mask. This means that students received the Minister of Education, Dipu Muni, in the symbolic form of Punjabandu, and before him. I do not know how much this incident has affected millions of people, and the extent of the bloodshed caused by millions of people in Punjabandu. But my heart was inseparable from my place in faith, thoughts, conscience, emotions and emotions, and I felt that this unlimited arrogance of the Minister of Education was unacceptable.

This time he became the Minister of Education.

We live in a political society without emotions, without response and dysfunction. So, should this blatant arrogance of contempt of the nation’s father be accepted? It cannot be accepted. Sometimes, Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of Bangabandu, appears to be trapped in the wall of a companion group, Chatucar. Sometimes he appears alone. Therefore, fear, anxiety, anxiety and fear decrease. Depressed mind causes fatigue throughout the body. Professor Karim Naeem wrote some time ago, what is happening with the Sunni respondent? An amazing group celebrated influential people associated with Mojib. Many people congregate in different ways. Some do not even write about it. Do not say after leaving the profession of journalist, friend Syed Burhan Kabir has been working for a long time. But his press is in the blood. His addiction to study, observation. Sometimes it does not do what the visual media does. Everyone is busy with shameful fraud. The inhabitants of this country, who are not currently watching the movie, do many heroines or heroines in the production of films about the biography of the Punjabandu.

Some of the prime minister’s office or involved in this. In the end, the daughter of Bangabandu, Sheikh Hasina, was told not to lead to positive exacerbation. There is no talk about the extent of obedience to their orders. The other side is raising a question about why Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who came to power in India through Hindu fanatical politics, came to Mujib. The contribution and contribution of the Government of India and its people under the leadership of Mrs. Indira Gandhi to our great struggle for freedom and the liberation war must be remembered with gratitude as long as this country remains. Narendra Modi will come as Prime Minister of India, this is real. The rulers of all countries of the world discuss, praise and criticize for several reasons: It is their internal matter. Not only the diplomatic ties of our friendship with India, but also the deep feelings and emotions of Punjabandu and the liberation war.

The problem of water in border killings of diplomatic debtors will be resolved, which is different. Let’s say that in our current policy, the demand for the resignation of ministers is an air of imagination. The Ministry of Liberation War included the names of the brave warriors in Razkar’s list of heroic organizers of the liberation war. Although he was abolished before the dispute, the minister did not have to resign because of this heinous crime. Despite unprecedented fluctuations in commodity prices, including onions, the Minister of Commerce did not have to rise. Citizens have not apologized for this unforgivable educational crime. I do not expect you to abandon moral obligation. A strong educational crisis at State University, high school. Education level is 1 Gammi. How did you receive the student reception on the distinct side of Bangabandhu? Didn’t the chest tremble once? I ask the Prime Minister to punish me for this crime today. On that day, Shukwat Hussain Shafiq, former leader of Rajshahi University, received the reception, in twelfth place, saying that this modest house is an invaluable feature in world history today.

Hence, the great leader of our nation, Punjabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, did not unite the entire nation under a long, unstoppable leadership, bravery and courage. After his historic speech on March 8, the Pakistani government in East Bengal became obsolete. His instructions were only effective. On March 25, at the request of Yahya Khan, the Baluchistan tikka Khan butcher became the East Bengal genocide. Before the arrest of the Pakistani army, war broke out across the country at the request of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. According to a previously planned Punjabandu meeting with India, only five million refugees received asylum, and all their leaders and activists went to form an independent government in Bangladesh and won the liberation war.

Not only did Punjabandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman become the great leader of Bengali nationalism through the liberation war, but he also ascended to the rare leadership of world politics as a hero of the epic era as leader of the exploited people of the world. Bangabandhu founded the layman in Bangladesh. By killing Bangabandhu, the glory of secularism was erased by the development of fanatic and societal politics in the constitution, parliament, and politics. Bangabando’s daughter, Sheikha Hasina, has not punished the killers by returning again from the door of death, risking her life through long struggles, which brought the character of a secular democratic state. We have not yet returned to the secular state. Despite militancy, the suppression of terrorism, and the strong position taken by the collective force in silence, there is no possibility of denying it. Congress brought independence to India, a friendly country. Regardless of religion, the people of India gave their lives in the struggle for independence, but their independence came to the table of Mahatma Gandhi’s discussions with the British. Not through the liberation war.

However, Nehru, India highlighted the world as the largest secular democracy in the Indira era. The secular conference was weakened day by day by killing Indira Gandhi. Manmohan Singh and Salman Khurshid of Oxford and Harvard University demolished the conference. The tragic consequences of Congress today to vote. The bloodshed in Delhi today, in the wake of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s long-running government of extremism in the slogan of Hinduism, has softened India’s secular sweetness. Here we lost secularism after killing Bangabandhu. After Bangabandhu was killed, many forgot this terrible situation. Many Awami League have been forgotten by the BNP-group system. In politics, BNP does not cut ties with societal forces, but is in a fragile state. Where is the guarantee that the rise of the extreme communist forces in the name of Islam will not appear if Sheikh Hasina is not in power here?

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