Construction of the lid of the Padma Bridge is complete

Work on the multi-purpose Padma Bridge project began on December 27, despite World Bank funds being suspended due to numerous foreign and foreign conspiracies and false accusations of corruption. To date, the physical progress of building the main bridge is 5% and the financial progress is 5.7%. Padma Bridge is a multi-purpose highway and a railway under construction on the Padma River in Bangladesh. Through this, Shritapur and Madaripur will communicate with Lujang and Moneghan, thus connecting the northeast with the southwestern part of the country. There will be a steel bridge and two-strand concrete grille on the top floor of the four-lane road and one rail at the lower level. The bridge will be the largest bridge in the country at a cost of 12,000 crowns taka.

As a result of the project, more than 3 million people will benefit directly from about 4,000 square kilometers (3000 square meters) or 20 percent of the total area of ​​Bangladesh. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the current government has taken several massive projects to modernize the communications and transportation system to connect all people on the rapid development road. Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project is a mega project run by the government itself. In 2012, the World Bank stopped financing the project, falsely accusing the then Minister of Communications, Abu al-Hussein, of corruption.

In the footsteps of the World Bank, AKB withdrew its commitment to finance the construction of the Padma Bridge, along with all development partners, including the Asian Development Bank, JICA. As a result, building the Padma Bridge required the lives of about three million people in the southwest. In this context, when Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina spoke of building the bridge with funding from the country, many rejected the proposal. Several magazines have also published satirical drawings of the founding of the Padma Bridge as an imagination for its funding. Nevertheless, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stood firm in his decision. The construction of the bridge continues with total internal funding. Charges of corruption in a Canadian court were rigged.

The project is currently in full swing. Meanwhile, the overall project work progressed to 5 percent. It is expected that by 2020, the bridge will be opened for movement if work continues. The Padma Bridge multi-purpose project is a critical step by the government to improve the country’s communications and transportation system. The bridge is one of the basic infrastructures for balanced economic development in the country. The Padma Bridge will not only connect the residents of the southwestern region and the entire country, but will also improve the economic, social and cultural quality of the residents of the region. The bridge will also increase the scope of the country’s tourism industry, which will increase the number of domestic and foreign tourists in the region.

The bridge will undergo a fundamental change in industrialization and trade development in the southwest. Infrastructure like the Padma Bridge is very important to connect the 26 regions in these areas with the national road network, which will play an important role in the country’s national development. National development refers to the general development of the country. Education, health, communications, manufacturing, trade, trade and even the development of culture and sports are part of national development. In fact, national development is the general development of people in a specific region. The Padma Bridge is built primarily to facilitate communication and transportation across the country with the southwestern region of the country.

The main bridge piling and drainage work has been completed.

As a result, people from these regions will be able to travel all over the country with easy capital in a short time and at a cost. One of the important commitments of the current government is “My city is my city.” Modern amenities in the city will be expanded in every city. The government is working on adopting and implementing the program. Electricity will be provided in all rooms of the country, all villages will be connected to the regions of the region through paved roads, children will be educated in a better environment, ensuring safe drinking water and a good sanitation system and ensuring it is an infrastructure for healthy recreation and sports. To be laid out a factory will be established in the Ubzilla region to operate.

Internet and IT services can be accessed everywhere. Padma Bridge will also play an important role in the urban head urbanization. All amenities of the modern city in the city are essential to achieving the goals of sustainable development. The communication and transportation system is extremely important to reduce the gap between people, the rich and the poor, in order to reach these facilities in the village by achieving the SDGs by 20, which in most cases will be possible when the Padma Bridge is launched. Thanks to private government funding, work is rapidly advancing on the Padma Bridge.

Meanwhile, the construction of two service areas and construction squares has been completed. The construction of the approaching road on both sides of the bridge has been completed. The real progress in work for the main bridge was 5% and the financial advance was 5.7%. All pile driving work was completed on the main bridge. Additionally, out of 12 pairs, six were completed, while the remaining six were in operation. Meanwhile, 25 sections and 3,600 meters of Padma Bridge have been created. Railroad panels will require a total of 2 thousand 5 ready-made panels. Meanwhile, Slap worked in the final stages. Railroad Panel 1 was created. Roadway Slab will require a total of 2,500 prefabricated road surface panels.

Of these floors, more than 1,500 floors have been completed and the rest of the building panels are under construction. For a railway bridge, you will need 3 cups. Among these, 12 cups were installed in Jagira. The cost of the contract for building the main bridge is TK. 12.8.75 rupees so far traditional knowledge has been spent. The actual progress of river work is 5 percent and financial progress is 5.7 percent. Of the total work completed in 6 km from the river, 6.75 km has been completed. The cost of the contract for river management work is TK. 100% of the progress in link roads. The total progress of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge project is 5 percent. If the project continues to advance, the Padma Bridge will be open to the public in 2021 for the dream of the southwestern residents.

Padma Bridge will facilitate multi-purpose communication. This will create a road connection and a railway connection. The bridge will play an important role in the transportation of communications, electricity and other basic services, including natural gas. A study found that more than a fifth of the country’s population or more than three million people would benefit directly from the Padma Bridge. Another study said that the bridge would be able to transport more than 20,000 cars per day, and in 2021 the amount would increase to more than 3,000 cars. Regional GDP growth will rise to three decimal places, with the country’s GDP increasing by one percent. Padma Bridge will not only benefit the population of 23 provinces in the Southwest, but it will also benefit all areas of Bangladesh. By introducing the Padma Bridge, regional trade and manufacturing in the country will be enriched, as well as poverty alleviation and accelerated national development and growth.

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