Before the commencement of the work, the expenditure increased to Tk 7047 crore

Separate railroad bridges will be built on the Jamuna River to reduce pressure on the Punjabundo Bridge and increase mobility. The government approved a project on December 27 for this. About three years later, the contractor’s proposal for the project was recently approved. The contract has not been signed yet. Meanwhile, the project cost increased by about Rs. 7500 million or 12.7 per cent. According to the information, the cost of building the Bangabandhu railway bridge with drafting the design was Tk. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) was supposed to grant a loan of SEK 7,220 million to build the country’s largest railway bridge.

However, the cost of building a new bridge increased from Tk. From this, JICA will give a loan of Rs. Yesterday the National Economic Council (ECNEC) Executive Committee meeting approved final approval of eight projects, including additional costs. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina chaired the ECNEC meeting at the NEC conference hall in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar. Minister of Planning m. Mannan provided the details. Regarding the increase in the cost of building the Bangabandhu Railway Bridge, the Minister of Planning said that JICA has reviewed the project and considered that the cost will increase. This is because the cost of the project is increasing. The cost of building railroad bridges rises to about 7 thousand crowns taka. JICA has agreed to grant a traditional knowledge loan.

According to the data, the cost of construction work, land acquisition and new construction, land provision and other rental facilities, museum building and inspection bungalow, and bank fees are increasing in the project. In addition, JICA was informed about signaling, telecommunications and labor costs in Package 1. JICA will then provide additional credit. In the revised project, a total of 5.7 million taka was collected from government funds in the design and supervision consulting sector. Once again, 12 million taka was allocated to the government financial management support advisor. In the revised project proposal, a total of 1 crown taka 1 lakh was proposed for land acquisition, land use and incidental expenses. It was not in the original approved project proposal.

A detailed design was implemented for most project work items. In this case, additional requirements of 122 taka are required for price and material continuity. In general, it is proposed to collect 20.7 million taka in the consulting sector. In addition, workers need Tk 1 crore to honor and Tk 1 lakh in other sectors. The project was to be implemented from July 25 to December 2020. At the moment it is only 5 percent. As a result, the duration of the project will increase until December 2020. According to the data, a four-kilometer eight-kilometer railway bridge will be built at a height of 5 meters on the Bangabandhu Bridge. For this reason, a separate river should not be governed. Land acquisition will not be necessary either. It will cost much less. The bridge will be 5 meters away on each side of the Bangabandhu Railway Bridge. Along Jamuna Eco Park, you will be connected to the western part of the current Bangabandhu Bridge.

In difficult terms, it is important to be careful about debt

For this, six kilometers of rail should be built. In addition, three terminal buildings, three platforms and hangars, three cross doors and six sanitation levels must be built. On the eastern side of the railway bridge, about 5 and a half kilometers away, 5 sewage stations and two communication stations will be built along the loop line. In addition, six acres of land must be acquired. Meanwhile, the transit speed is reduced due to the danger of running a train on Bangabandhu Bridge. In addition, the wide freight train is prohibited from operating over the bridge. This is a major obstacle to the country’s national and international rail connections. An initiative was taken to build a separate railway bridge. In light of this, the consultant was appointed on March 25 after approval of the project.

The detailed design preparation was completed on September 23. The contractor’s proposal was approved in January this year. It is important to bear in mind that gas transmission lines will be built along the railway bridge. Steel infrastructure technology will be used to build the bridge. Due to the low cost of passenger and freight transportation, rail use is constantly increasing worldwide. In light of this, a vast infrastructure of the rail network has been developed in our country. But the irregularities: corruption, labor crisis, and irregularities are not available. An expired drive has become a big problem with. He tried to buy a long-range railway engine from the corridor, but bureaucrats are stuck in the complexity. Despite the government’s goodwill, the quality of service does not increase due to the failure of the parties concerned. To improve the quality of services and make the railway profitable, it is necessary to carry out the project in a simple way, without complication. The BJ report on “Peppa Railway with loans in difficult circumstances to purchase engines” was released yesterday.

He said that large parts of the railway engine sometimes get worse due to the passage of economic life. As a result, the railway took the initiative to purchase 5-meter engines in 20 years. But the purchase did not take place in more than a decade. However, the railways contracted to purchase the engine on loan from the supplier. It covers higher interests, as well as additional terms. Railways are at risk of purchasing engines due to some complications. This complexity is undesirable due to the longevity and the failure of the party concerned to implement such a small project in the public eye. Problems such as the engine and trainer crisis and the railway workforce have been for a long time. Violations of a section of employees and employees also drowned in corruption. Even with the complexity of purchasing a motor, the possibility of interfering in the cycle of violations and corruption cannot be ruled out. It is important to analyze the issue.

While the state funds several government projects, it is not understood to enter into the complexity of loans under difficult conditions for purchasing railway engines. But many believe that we have the ability to buy engines at the expense of the government. According to the report, the purchase of an engine under the proposed loan for difficult conditions will be carried out in several steps. The cost will increase due to some other complications. The Standing Debt Relief Committee of the Ministry of Finance appears to be dissatisfied with this issue. From this point of view, it is advisable to take the initiative to purchase government financing engines. This will create huge savings opportunities. In addition to this process, it should also be checked if someone is trying to obtain unnecessary complexity or financial benefit. We believe strict disciplinary action is necessary if a complaint is lodged against a person.

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