Month: March 2020

The last match as captain, Mashrafe announced

Finally, Musharraf bin Murtada announced. He stated that he is no longer a leader. The third ODI will be the last game against Zimbabwe at Sylhet International Cricket Stadium on Friday. The rumors were already there. But nothing is clear. Because Musharraf did not tell himself, the council did not say with confidence that this […]

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Breathless match, Bangladesh win the series

Tiripano reminds us of the cricket tradition. The centennial game is shrouded in mystery. Zimbabwe lost the match in the Bangladesh race. There may be regrets. Who would know what would have happened if Craig Irvine was on the team on Tuesday! Bangladesh won the game five games. But there is not a lot of […]

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I want justice for top corrupt

The great success of the current government is to start executing war criminals. Some have been hanged, others have been sentenced to life imprisonment and many are still on trial. Participate directly in anti-nationalist activities while helping Pakistani forces in our great struggle for independence. They caused more damage than the Pakistanis did. The electoral […]

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