Month: February 2020

Basundhara Kings Football Club comfort win

Bakhtiyar Doshkov, I conclude Nazarov, plays with powerful footballers like Nicholas Delmont. There are football players such as Tawhid Alam Al-Green, Pueblo Ahmed, Yamin Khan and Tabu Barman. But the success of the Bashundhara kings depends to a large extent on the performance of Costa Rican football star Daniel Cullendres. When the World Cup star […]

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Gujarat repeats in Delhi

The poor in Delhi who suffer from isolation will feel the pain and suffering of the sea that crossed the sea of ​​fire and blood in the last week of February. For the first time in the journalist’s long life, I could not express the barbarity and cruelty of these poor and defenseless people. Several […]

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Construction of the lid of the Padma Bridge is complete

Work on the multi-purpose Padma Bridge project began on December 27, despite World Bank funds being suspended due to numerous foreign and foreign conspiracies and false accusations of corruption. To date, the physical progress of building the main bridge is 5% and the financial progress is 5.7%. Padma Bridge is a multi-purpose highway and a […]

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