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Children will be always happy

Along the way, she noticed that Good Morning Dad didn’t protect her. His father has frustrated him again and again. As soon as the father left the city to work in the office, he was asked to search for good morning: otter, butterflies, closed dolls, Ludo game equipment, magnetic chess game or any favorite food; […]

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Grameen Bangla is changing

Bengali itself, the image that floats in our eyes is the people of Bengali. The Bangladeshi poet Zamandar Rabitkur was called “Bengali sonar”, and the Bangladeshi poet Jeevananda Das English literature was called “Bengali Robsey”. These two forms of Bengal are “Bangladesh” by Kazi Nasr al-Islam. The gold in which gold collects is the gold […]

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Are children a race horse?

This is likely to increase the pressure on students and their dependence on training and special, says many people who participate in academic and public exams. Again, some teachers think it is better to get the number on top. Those who are good students will do it. I woke up to read the news. Shook […]

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